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The Dak Psi 4 hydropower plant was built on the DakPsi stream, a grade I tributary of the Krong Poko river in Dak Pxi commune, Dak Ha district, and Dak Ha commune, Tu Mo Rong district, Kon Tum province, which is the ladder under the DakPsi 3 hydropower plant.
The Dak Psi 4 hydropower plant started construction in December 2007 and was put into operation at the end of October 2010, linked to the National Power System via a 110 kV voltage line from the Dak Psi 4 plant to the substation Dak To 110 kV. Dak Psi 4 has an installed capacity of Nlm = 30.0 MW (03 units of 3×10 MW), generating E0 = 114.32 million kWh on an annual basis.

123.31 ha

Land area

30 MW

Total capacity

114.32 million kWh

Average annual production

The history and development

– On March 4, 2008, the Kon Tum Provincial People’s Committee granted the DakPsi 4 hydropower project an investment license.
– The Dak Psi 4 hydropower plant was built in December 2007, completed in October 2010, and put into commercial operation. It is connected to the National Power System via a 110 kV voltage line from Dak Psi 4 to the Dak Psi 4 plant. 110kV Dak To substation.
Before the industrialization and modernization of the country, it is required to develop the energy industry as a foundation for other industries to develop, leading to an increase in energy demand. In particular, the investment in the construction of hydroelectric plants will significantly supplement the energy source for the national power system and get a part of the electricity demand in the region, reducing the power shortage situation in the system, especially during peak hours. At the same time, when the plant is officially put into operation, it will have a positive impact on the local community, create jobs, and improve living conditions for people in the area.