Our valuable customers, business partners, shareholders and all staff member of BB Group;

First of all, on behalf of BB Group Joint Stock Company, I would like to send our greetings and sincere thanks to the valuable customers, shareholders and staff members of BB Group for your cooperation and dedication throughout the company’s development period.

Along with the constant integration and development of society today, the achievements of integration are the resonance of values ​​and the sharing of mutual benefits. In particular, the role of human values is seen as a key. In that spirit, nearly 2,000 employees of BB Group have been trying their best to create sustainable and proud values, contributing to the development of the country’s economy and society.

With the desire to bring customers products and services according to international standards, completely new experiences of modern and classy lifestyle, we are committed that all BB Group products are unique and humanistic works of art. Quality and aesthetics are always parallel to creating sustainable values ​​of businesses.

Besides, with the goal of becoming a multidisciplinary corporation with perfect products and services, we are constantly researching and welcoming the trend to meet the increasing demands of our customers. Business development objectives are tied to responsibility for the community and society.

I deeply understand that the achievements of today are the dedication of all staff and the support of the agencies, customers, domestic and international partners.

Finally: I wish you good health, happiness and success. As BB Group, I thank our employees, customers and shareholders standing by us in all the ways we have made for success so far.

BB Group