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With a pioneering mission to create iconic works, BB Group comes to Hue with the desire to develop and create a new milestone in tourism in the Ancient Capital. BB Group hopes to bring visitors a world-class complex resort, especially an onsen service following Japanese standards, as well as a cultural interference between the land of Rising Sun and Hue, by combining the transfer of technology and operation management from the famous traditional onsen hot spring resort brand in Japan.

Kawara My An Onsen Resort is an international standard complex resort that offers services such as hotels, luxury villas, onsen baths, spa treatments, cuisine, entertainment services, and other amenities. The onsen bath service, in particular, is operating by the Japanese onsen model, with My An hot mineral source containing many minerals, particularly sulfur content, which is effective in rehabilitation and health promotion, anti-aging, healing, and beautifying the skin.

Kawara My An Onsen Resort was honored as “The Most Favorite Resort of 2021” at Real Estate Forum 2021, and the RISING STAR Award for the achievement of being preferred by many people and booking rooms regularly on in 2022.


For the first time in Vietnam, you can experience the Japanese 9-step Onsen Bath and original Japanese Ganban therapy, both of which are according to international standards. Rather than being a typical high-class resort, Kawara My An Onsen Resort focuses on delicate and harmonious spaces to provide completely relaxing experiences. Kawara My An Onsen Resort’s architectural space combines elements of Japanese and Hue ancient capital architecture. Zen concept that connects people to nature, resulting in a harmonious transition between the purity and spaciousness of the outside space and the sophistication, minimalism, and serenity of the interior. Come to Kawara My An Onsen Resort to experience a little Japan in the heart of Hue.

Japansese Luxury Onsen & Ganban

My An natural hot mineral source contains a high concentration of gold minerals, particularly sulfur, which has been scientifically proven to have numerous benefits for relaxing, restoring health, and improving skin and beauty. Kawara Onsen and Ganban Service My An Onsen, which adheres to the strict standards of the traditional Japanese model, promises to provide visitors with new experiences when they arrive in Hue.

At Kawara My An Onsen Resort, you will be able to experience many indoor and outdoor plunge pools with the ideal water temperature for a relaxing soak at 42°C, as well as Ganban sauna system such as Snow Sauna, Himalayan Stone, Iki, Ganbanyoku, or other health care services such as Yomogi sauna, herbal bath, mineral mud and novel recreational services such as nap york and 3D golf, etc.

Kawara My An Onsen Resort is known as the only traditional Japanese Onsen complex and healthcare resort in Vietnam.

Tắm onsen tiếp thêm năng lượng cho cơ thể, tái tạo tâm hồn, thể chất và tinh thần sẽ hoàn toàn hồi phục sau thời gian ngâm tắm

Amenities & Entertainment

After an Onsen bath or a Ganban, it’s time to pamper yourself with a relaxing treatment at Kourai Spa. With a variety of facials, body treatments, floral aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, and famous Japanese reflexology treatments, Kourai Spa helps calm your mind, heal your body, and renew your soul. Furthermore, you will be able to satisfy your taste buds with Japanese, Asian, and European cuisine from top chefs in the restaurant with an open space overlooking the Koi pond and green garden, that will offer you with moments of unforgettable culinary experience.