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"Great vision without great people is irrelevant" - Jim Collins

BB Group regards human resources as the quintessence of the Group and thus creates all conditions for this human resource to develop in accordance with each individual's capacity and aspirations. In the spirit of elevating each individual in order to develop a collective, BB Group seeks to create and maintain a spirit of solidarity and the will to rise, so that each member of the company will join hands to build a great corporation that grows stronger every day.

Work environment

  •  A clear path to career advancement
  • A strong sense of teamwork and an open working environment
  • The workplace culture is always supportive, equal, and friendly.

Employee benefits

  • Working in a dynamic and professional environment with numerous advancement opportunities.
  • Provide sufficient equipment for the job.
  • To have access to health insurance and social insurance regimes following regulations.
  • Take advantage of company-mandated welfare policies.
  • Take part in regular training and professional development programs.