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BB Power Gia Lai Wind Power Plant was built on mountainous terrain, specifically in the following communes: Chu Krey, An Trung, and Yang Trung in Kong Chro district and Gia Lai province.
As one of the wind power plants invested in by Gia Lai Wind Power Investment & Development Joint Stock Company of BBGROUP Group, BB Power Gia Lai is considered one of the largest and highest quality factories in Vietnam’s renewable energy sector.

57.5 ha

Land area

100 MW

Total capacity

365042.9 MWh/year

Average annual production

The history and development

Officially operation in 2021, the Hung Hai Gia Lai Wind Power Plant has a total of 25 wind towers with a capacity of 100 MW, with the cooperation of leading partners:
– Supervision Consultant: Power Construction Consulting 4 Joint Stock Company;
– General Contractor: China Energy Engineering Group Company, Shanxi Electric Power Engineering
– Siemens Gamesa provides high-tech equipment that meets European standards.
Gia Lai Wind Power Plant came into operation with the goal of striving to make renewable energy an economic pillar for the Gia Lai region, unlocking the economic potential of Kong Chro, and arousing the unique idea of eco-tourism with a combination of vast highland nature and a wonderful wind farm landscape.

The completion of construction of BB Power Gia Lai Wind Power during the pandemic demonstrates BB Power Holdings’ maximum commitment to Gia Lai province and to Vietnam’s ambitious goal of reaching zero electricity by 2050.