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Dak Mi 1 hydropower plant was built in Dak Choong commune, Dak Glei district, Kon Tum province, about 15 km northeast of Dak Glei district center. The factory is owned by Quang Duc Kon Tum Joint Stock Company, a member of the BB Group.

The focal line of the Dak Mi 1 hydropower plant is located on the Dak Mi River, about 20 m from the confluence of the Dak Mek and Dak Choong rivers. The water intake of the Dak Mi 1 hydropower plant is located on the branch of the Dak Mek stream, and the water is led through the tunnel to the plant to pour into the Dak Mi river, about 4.6 km from the dam route, along the river downstream.

250.63 ha

Land area

84 MW

Total capacity

276.5 million kWh

Average annual production

The history and development

Quang Duc Kon Tum Joint Stock Company has been implementing the construction of the Dak Mi 1 Hydropower Project. The plant has an installed capacity of 84 MW, the average annual power output is 276.50 million KWh, and a total investment of 3.6 trillion is expected to generate electricity for Unit 1 in September 2024 and Unit 2 in November 2024.

The electricity, produced by the plant, will be connected to the national grid through the local power grid with an installed capacity of 84.0 MW, the average annual power output of the plant is 276.50 million KWh. In addition, the road system for construction and operation of works will enable economic and social exchanges between the construction area and the local social-economic.

Before the industrialization and modernization of the country, it is required to develop the energy industry to create a premise for other industries to develop, leading to an increase in energy demand. In particular, the investment in the construction of hydroelectric plants will significantly supplement the energy source for the national power system.
In addition, implementing the policy of economic development in mountainous and midland areas with the aim of exploiting and using available potentials, especially water resources, is an urgent issue for regional economic development. Stabilizing the lives of mountainous ethnic groups, the Dak Mi 1 hydropower project, with an installed capacity of 84.0MW, will provide an average annual electricity output of 276.50 million KWh, meeting part of the region’s electricity demand and alleviating the system’s power shortage situation, particularly during peak hours.

The scale of the works in the master plan to fully and effectively exploit water resources is consistent with the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s approval. The project will create conditions to promote other economic sectors to develop, improve infrastructure and transport in the area, and contribute to the goal of hunger eradication and poverty reduction for ethnic minorities in the region.