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Lao Cai luxury apartments are located in the “golden coordinates” for investment

Despite all the predictions and opinions about the future of the real estate market in 2023, savvy and brave investors are still on the prowl for lucrative investment opportunities. Why is a Lao Cai luxury apartment a “sure as heckfire” example of an efficient investment?

Breakthrough thanks to transport infrastructure

Lao Cai is undoubtedly one of the first localities that come to mind when considering one of the most exciting regions in the North for investments in transportation infrastructure in the recent past and in the years to come.

Sa Pa airport project was officially launched in March 2022 by Lao Cai Provincial People’s Committee in Cam Con commune, Bao Yen district. With a capacity of almost 3 million passengers per year, the project has a total investment of nearly 7,000 billion VND. It’s anticipated that it will go into operation in 2026. Happily, the Prime Minister approved the project promotion upgrade from the domestic to the international airport at Lao Cai in July 2022, ushering in a significant development in the region’s transportation infrastructure, not just in Lao Cai but throughout the Northern Midlands and Mountains.

Lao Cai International Airport with a capacity of 3 million passengers/ year

Sa Pa International Airport will give Lao Cai numerous chances to improve trade and global integration. The Hanoi-Lao Cai expressway’s opening in 2014 ushered Lao Cai into a new stage of rapid development, and this is another crucial factor. Before the expressway’s construction in 2014, Lao Cai only saw roughly 1.5 million visitors annually; by 2019, that number had risen to over 5 million. When the airport opens in 2030, it’s anticipated that Lao Cai will serve more than 13 million travelers annually.

In the near future, the Yen Bai – Lao Cai section of the Hanoi-Lao Cai highway, the “backbone” traffic axis linking the capital region with the Northwest provinces, will also be expanded to 4 lanes, cutting the travel time from Hanoi to Lao Cai and vice versa to more than 3 hours. By constructing a new route parallel to the current 4D National Highway, this expressway will also be directly connected to Sa Pa. The most significant traffic project along the entire route, Mong Sen Bridge, has been finished and is now open for traffic and official opening.

Mong Sen Bridge, the tallest viaduct in Vietnam, is ready to open to traffic

The 147 km long route connecting Lai Chau with the Hanoi – Lao Cai highway, which was constructed in September 2022, also includes the new Lao Cai – Sa Pa route. By 2030, the entire transportation network will serve as a springboard for Lao Cai to develop into a significant growth pole and economic hub that connects trade and services from the Northeast and Northwest.

The fulcrum of economic resilience

Lao Cai has consistently maintained the fastest and most sustainable economic growth among the 14 Northern Midland and midwestern provinces, with significant and ongoing support from infrastructure. When Lao Cai is invested in by the government with a focus and focus to maximize 3 advantages that not many localities have: border gate economy, traffic hub, and tourism strengths, this growth momentum will continue to be maintained.

To make Lao Cai “the growth pole and the center of economic trade connection between Vietnam and ASEAN countries and the Southwest region of China,” Politburo recently released the action plan of Resolution 11. Lao Cai Department of Planning and Investment predicts that Lao Cai will continue to receive “huge” capital inflows for multi-sector development between 2020 and 2030, totaling up to 125,000 billion VND, or 5.3 billion USD.

Thanks to the resonance of two powerful “catalysts” of infrastructure and economic growth, Lao Cai luxury apartment market is considered by investors to be at the “golden coordinate” in terms of the “ripeness” of opportunities. That explains why the high-end apartment project in Lao Cai City – Investors are targeting the Manor Tower Lao Cai.

Investors are searching for gold opportunities with The Manor Tower Lao Cai

The Manor Tower Lao Cai, the first high-rise complex tower in the city and a representation of the prosperity of the Northwest region, offers a variety of opulent amenities and privileged access to its affluent residents. Citadines Central Lao Cai branded hotel and apartment area, managed and operated by The Ascott Limited in accordance with strict standards, is particularly noteworthy. The Manor Tower Lao Cai affirms the value of branded real estate worthy of honorable owners, from the podium commercial center, the park between the clouds, the infinity pool, 360° rotating restaurant,…

High-end real estate in Lao Cai still upholds and reinforces shaky beliefs like “mines” anchors of safety, which is understandable given the market volatility and the two “golden guarantees” of infrastructure and economic growth.

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