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Wellness year-end vacation for family

The busy period at the end of the year is the most appropriate time to take a break to find your inner peace. KOBI Onsen Resort Hue, known as little Japan in the heart of Hue Ancient, will be your family’s perfect retreat.

A wellness retreat awaits you at KOBI Onsen Resort Hue.

Winter Onsen at Hue Acient Capital

Neither hustle nor bustle, Hue has its stillness in the last days of the year. Take a deep breath to feel the pristine air in KOBI Onsen Resort Hue’s Zen garden. Step by step to the Onsen bath area, you will encounter the Onsen hot mineral pools with light green color and the signature strong scent of sulfur – a golden mineral with effects in the treatment of bone, joint and cardiovascular diseases, dermatology, and cancer prevention support…

Enjoy your winter in an exclusive way

Visit KOBI Onsen Resort Hue once to indulge yourself at an Onsen bath in the cold winter weather, feel the warmth and minerals of the golden mineral source cherish and care for the body, relax bones and joints and dispel stress. , tired.

Uncover health & beauty therapies

Besides the most favorite Japanese standard 9-step Onsen bath service at KOBI Onsen Resort Hue, a variety of other care treatments will meet the needs of each guest.

4-Step Ganban Sauna: Ganbanyoku, Himalaya, Iki, and Snow will help regenerate energy, purify the body, remove toxins and improve health. The trio combo of services: 4-step Ganban sauna, Yomogi sauna, and hot mineral mud bath are often popular with female guests thanks to their effect of cleansing the body, taking care of beauty, and improving the physique.

Spoil yourself with health and beauty treatments at Kourai Spa

Do not miss the moments of relaxing treatment at Kourai Spa with the famous traditional Shiatsu reflexology method from Japan. The cozy space filled with herbal aromas will take you on a special relaxing journey, helping to balance and restore energy, body, and mind.

Please contact the hotline (+84) 234 730 9888 for advice or visit KOBI Onsen Resort Hue at Fanpage.

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