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Luxury ecosystem only at The Manor Tower Lao Cai

In recent years, the majority of customers have recently given more consideration to the aspect of living experience with first-class services and amenities when searching for their future apartments to purchase. 

The need for investors to spend more money on utilities and services is critical given the booming real estate market and the rising customer demand for a high quality of life. 

Therefore, it is important to consider how different real estate projects are to assess whether utility services are true of a high caliber, elevating customers’ quality of life. Investing in high-end goods and services not only attracts customers but also establishes a reputation and level of sophistication for projects and investors.

The thrilling “race” elevates the standard of living in the high-end apartment market.

Back to reality, since the Covid epidemic, people have become more concerned with their quality of life. The home is now more than just a place to live, eat, and sleep; it is also a place for unwinding and relieving stress. Customers are therefore more likely to choose carefully when deciding to stay or purchase an investment product. They take into account not only the cost and the caliber of the work but also the tightening specifications for utilities, living space, and different types of experiences. This has made the competition for utilities and living space between projects become increasingly fierce.

Photo: The Manor Tower Lao Cai commercial tower

In addition to paying attention to factors such as location or ease of transportation, home buyers also have decision measures based on infrastructure synchronization, green density, or living experience with premium amenities. 

Distinctive architecture with high-class utilities at The Manor Tower Lao Cai

The Manor Tower Lao Cai is a significant project for the province in terms of its scope and focus on development, while also setting a precedent for the creation of new urban areas. The majestic Northwestern terraces at The Manor Tower Lao Cai provided the homeowner with the inspiration for a successful life.

The tower offers residents worthwhile living experiences every day with the help of the management team’s enthusiasm and the expertise of the professional staff. Simultaneously, make careful investments in the planning of residences, grounds, amenities, and communal spaces that balance modernity and nature, as well as working, studying, and living. Residents benefit from a comfortable lifestyle that prioritizes their physical health thanks to the green space and expansive landscape.

Photo: Modern design of the tower has connected to nature

With a low construction density to ensure the most airy landscape, The Manor Tower Lao Cai creates a green ecosystem with a 6,000 sq. m. Sky Park Sky Garden on the fourth floor, a relaxation and artistic training space reserved for elite residents. The network of green walkways, in addition to the yoga area, reading area, natural garden, and children’s play area will serve as the location for gatherings that will unite the tower’s resident community.

Photo: Sky Park – a relaxation and artistic training space 

Modern residents will enjoy high-rise convenience with all-in-one services at The Manor Tower Lao Cai. From the 10,000 sq.m busy shopping center, which features luxury restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets, and multidisciplinary stands to meet all of your needs. On the highest floors of the tower, visit the high-end entertainment complex Sky Bar and the 360° rotating restaurant. Located on the 17th floor, Citadines Central Lao Cai, in particular, is the standard measure for elite living with The Ascott Limited’s strict operating standards.

Owner of an apartment at The Manor Tower in Lao Cai, Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, shared: “I am 83 years old and currently reside in a household with numerous young children, so I am very eager to relocate to a home with myriad amenities for the elderly and children. The investor did a great job of planning a peaceful green living area, creating the perfect living space that my family desired.”

The Manor Tower Lao Cai adds a special vitality to the system in addition to its prime location in the center of Lao Cai City, where it is simple to connect to the city’s administrative, educational, and medical services. Utilities, exciting entertainment areas, and opulent apartments all fall under the heading of ecological diversity. The goal of the project is to establish a new way of life that involves savoring each second, each moment, in all its peace, openness, and joy.

 The Manor Tower Lao Cai

Phone: 0877.126.126


Address: 2nd floor, The Manor Palace Building, The Manor Lao Cai Urban Area, Bac Cuong Ward, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province


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