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The Manor Tower Lao Cai – a Northwest in the heart of Lao Cai City

Inspired by the vast and majestic terraced fields in the Northwest mountains and forests, enthusiastic architects have created The Manor Tower Lao Cai with each step reaching up to the sky, like an imprint in the border region.

From the heart of the Investor

If the golden terraced fields stand in for the majestic Northwest mountains, unflinching nature, and tireless human labor, then The Manor Tower Lao Cai, with its proud steps rising high, is a new symbol for the vibrant and successful development of Lao Cai City.

The Manor Tower Lao Cai, located in a prime location, is a harmonious blend of indigenous culture and modern, trendy lifestyle. This is Lao Cai’s first high-rise complex, constructed with care and zeal by those who “fell in love” with the area’s stunning and majestic natural surroundings.

The Manor Tower Lao Cai – depicting the imprint of terraced fields in the heart of the city

“When conceptualizing the design, we wanted to bring the typical beauty of this land into the project, so that the building and nature become more harmonious; the tower is not just lifeless concrete blocks but bends and turns gliding as soft as its shape,” the investor and architects said of how they “planted” the distinct cultural identity of the Northwest into the living space of future residents.

Inspired by the magnificent terraced fields, each apartment in the building is made to resemble a rice plant that is reaching out to take light, cool wind, and rain. Not only that, but the tower also shows gentle curves that are repeated to represent the motion of water flowing down from the top of the waterfall. 

Green architecture combined with water surfaces not only has a high visual efficiency, but it also helps people live more sustainably, improves the quality of life, and generates wealth for owners.

To the elite’s life at the Northwest

From above, The Manor Tower Lao Cai resembles a beautiful flower in bloom, where residents can live in harmony with nature, away from the noise and dust, and fully enjoy life. The high-class apartment at The Manor Tower Lao Cai opens up a space of vitality with a spacious view, thanks to its unique terraced design that takes advantage of natural light, sunlight, and wind.

The architects’ designed green patches of the hanging garden interwoven between the floors have brought relaxation and calmness into each apartment, creating a complete living experience for each homeowner. The green substance is also present in the tower’s space due to the Sky Park area, which includes artistic resort facilities and a relaxing and serene landscape with a green promenade, Yoga area, and Zen garden.

Sky Park – a green campus only for residents at The Manor Tower Lao Cai

Not only focusing on the quality of design or landscape, but the investor also wants to give the resident community a fully-equipped life with a busy commercial center area to meet the needs of relaxation and shopping, entertainment, etc… In particular, with the desire to create a united and happy residential community, the investor pays great attention to the community living space when creating many high-class and artistic resort utility spaces such as infinity pool, outdoor reading area, children’s play area, outdoor BBQ party…

Apartment in Citadines Central Lao Cai

Citadines Central Lao Cai luxury hotel and apartments, located on the top floors of the prosperity tower, provide a world-class resort space with strict management and operation units from world leader The Ascott Limited. Aside from the breathtaking view of the Northwest mountains and forests, the luxury apartments are “tailored” in every line and detail, creating a luxurious and sophisticated living space. For the first time in Lao Cai, the Sky bar and restaurant area that rotates 360° on top of the tower promises to bring a new look and a more vibrant life to the gateway to the Northwest.

The Manor Tower Lao Cai, with its one-of-a-kind design imbued with the soul and identity of Vietnam and resonating with the “all-in-one” utility system, fully converges high-class living and resort standards in the Northwest area.


The Manor Tower Lao Cai

Phone: 0877.126.126


Address: 2nd floor, The Manor Palace Building, The Manor Lao Cai Urban Area, Bac Cuong Ward, Lao Cai City, Lao Cai Province

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