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BB GROUP: A multi-industry economic group with sustainable values

BB Group is proud to be one of the pioneering multi-industry businesses in Vietnam. We aspire to create iconic works that serve as important drivers of economic development and social security in communities around the world, on every land where BB Group has a presence, with the mission of improving the Vietnamese people’s quality of life and developing a sustainable economy for international integration.

BB Group’s journey of beginning, transformation and expansion in the first five years beginning in 2017 could be envisioned as an adventure of overcoming a storm to achieve success and development as it is today. BB Group currently owns 33 member companies and is continuing to expand in both size and number.

Chairman of BB Group – Mr. Vu Quang Bao.

BB Group invests and operates in six major areas, including renewable energy, real estate, mining, gas industry, construction, and consumer goods, with a long-term strategic vision. With numerous projects, BB Group has previously been one of the leading enterprises in the industry of renewable energy. We have also achieved success in other fields and have significant growth potential. This is clear evidence that the process of ascending to the top is ongoing, all in the name of a prosperous future and the long-term development of the Vietnamese economy.

BB Group’s determination, pioneering bravery, and a positioned strategy, in addition to the motto of creating projects that affirm the position of Vietnamese brands in the region and the world, are strong premises on which the company continues to build iconic projects in a new phase of the world economy. 

“Our ambition is to make BB Group the leading multi-industry economic group in the region by pioneering sustainable development through revolutionary and innovative projects that are perfected to the highest international standards,” the company stated. Chairman of the BB Group, Mr. Vu Quang Bao affirmed.

Sustainable Development

For economic development, BB Group establishes global competitiveness by implementing international projects. With a focus on the comprehensive development of important economic sectors like Energy, Real Estate, the Gas Industry, Mining, Construction, and Consumer Goods, BB Group is constantly innovating and creating, strengthening its position as a Vietnamese brand in the regional and global marketplace.

For social development, BB Group constantly seeks to create a long-term vision that preserves both the fundamental cultural values and the sustainable Green component. With the belief that business growth and community sustainability go hand in hand, BB Group consistently puts a focus on social security issues while engaging in volunteer work, making a significant contribution to the socioeconomic development of the locality in particular and the nation in general.

BB Group considers itself to be an enterprise for the environment as it advances along the path to becoming a multi-sector business and production group. Aiming to achieve its environmental protection goals, we take deliberate, doable, and thorough action.

BB Group has created cutting-edge, environmentally friendly machinery and systems for operation, management, and treatment, in addition to producing environmentally friendly goods and services. BB Group’s guiding principle when it comes to all types of resources and energy is to exploit them and use them responsibly, economically, and in a way that minimizes their negative effects on the environment. BB Group upholds the spirit of leadership in promoting environmental improvement and protection initiatives as a trailblazing multi-industry enterprise.

It is impossible to talk about a strong BB Group without mentioning the staff who are passionate about what they do and work diligently and professionally, along with the leaders’ strategic and audacious vision who are at the forefront of the storm. Because human resources are regarded as the core of the BB Group, the company always provides the right environment for them to grow and develop in accordance with the capabilities and aspirations of each individual.

BB Group aspires to cultivate and uphold a culture of unity and the determination to succeed in the spirit of elevating each person to develop a collective and enjoining each employee to collaborate in order to create a fantastic company that is stronger every day.


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