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The victorious journey of Victoria Craft Beer from Germany to Hue Ancient Capital

A craft beer with the winning spirit of Victoria Craft Beer travels from far-off Germany to Hue, the historic capital of Vietnam, to create the ideal gastronomic fusion.

Victoria Craft Beer restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with features of German culture.

The first German Craft Beer restaurant, Victoria Craft Beer, debuted in December 2021 in the imperial capital of Hue with craft beer mugs that faithfully upheld the traditional principles of German beer culture.

World-famous Craft Beer

As early as the 12th century, beer became popular and became associated with the Germans. The German word “bier” is the source of the English word “beer.” Germany exported beer to its neighbors in the 14th century. Every year, there are exciting beer festivals, with the Oktoberfest beer festival typically taking place in October. Millions of people travel from all over the world to attend this significant cultural event with their families.

Then why are German craft beers so unique? The pinnacle of true brewing art is authentic German craft beer, which is made from ingredients like barley, hops, yeast, and water. Victoria Craft Beer blends its ingredients in a precise ratio and then cooks and brews them at various temperatures to create clean, smooth craft beers.

The original German beer from Victoria Craft Beer does not, however, have a single secret. Because the steel discipline spirit that always strictly abides by the German Purity Law: no chemicals are used in the production process, is one of the important factors that creates the excellent quality of Victorian beer. Quality is always the guiding principle in German craft beer brewing as it strives to produce the ideal German beer flavor.

Luxury decoration at Victoria Craft Beer store.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Victoria Craft Beer restaurant is that guests can observe the craft beer brewing line in person to learn how the equipment and brewing processes work. Caspary, a German company with more than 200 years of experience in the beer production line, makes German craft beer mugs.

After that, there will be moments for diners to immerse themselves in a comfortable, bustling German atmosphere with world-famous beers. The restaurant’s classic but no less luxurious direction will be an ideal place for diners to enjoy dishes from traditional Bavarian cuisine to regional specialties of Vietnam.

Victoria Craft Beer’s winning spirit

Victoria Craft Beer brings the spirit of the Germans’ everlasting victory to Hue, the home of resilient, devoted, and courageous people. Victoria Craft Beer was inspired by the image of the Victory Goddess Victoria which can be seen atop recognizable German structures like the Victory Column monument and Brandenburger Gate.

Victory Column monument in Berlin, Germany.

Guests can learn more about the fascinating historical tales that inspired the construction of the Victorian Statue of Victory while sipping Victorian beer. The legend surrounding the image of the Victory Goddess Victoria seated on a chariot is equally important as it symbolizes Germany’s triumphant spirit in its three wars with Denmark, Austria, and France in the late 19th century. The top code of the Brandenburger gate is equally intriguing. Because numerous important historical events in Germany and across Europe have taken place at the city gate and this statue.

Napoleon the Great of France, during his conquest of Europe in 1806, commanded that the statue known as Quadriga atop the German gate of Brandenburg be taken to Paris. The statue did, however, return to Berlin in 1814 following Prussia’s conquest of Paris. The peace goddess Eirene was originally portrayed in this bronze statue. After the defeat of Napoleon, the goddess statue was renovated and changed to Victoria.

The intersection of two beer cultures

Victoria Craft Beer chose Vietnam as its destination because of the country’s fierce fighting spirit and refusal to submit to foreign invaders, bringing the Germans’ winning spirit and maintaining the purity of German beer. Even after the war is over and there is peace, the Vietnamese people’s spirit of victory endures. That spirit strengthens the people of Hue, who live in a harsh land with frequent storms and floods.

In daily life, there are countless ways to triumph: conquering oneself to develop good habits and discipline; hard victory in order to keep going; triumphing over the pandemic in order to return to a normal life; etc. And Victoria Craft Beer is anticipated to be a real witness of victory that is distinctive and bursting with German flavor in those cherished Vietnamese people’s life milestones.



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