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My Son 1 solar power plant was built in My Son Commune, Ninh Son District, Ninh Thuan Province, and officially operation on June 30, 2021. This is the first solar project of the BB Group in Vietnam, a foundation for the BB Group’s development in the direction of renewable energy, and it will continue to be one of the Group’s driving forces in the coming years.

80 ha

Land area

61 MWp

Total capacity

94 million kWh

Average annual production

The history and development

In Ninh Thuan Province, there are more than 30 solar power projects, demonstrating the potential for solar energy development here thanks to the arid, semi-arid climate with more than 2500 hours of sunshine and average solar radiation, annual average 230-250 kcal/cm2. With a methodical investment process using the most advanced technologies, after being put into operation, the My Son 1&2 factory has achieved impressive results, bringing a new breeze to the local economy and sociaty development for the region.
My Son 1 and 2 are equipped with advanced, synchronous technology and a team of well-trained staff with high expertise applied during operations. In particular, My Son 1 & 2 solar power plant uses a system of 287,472 solar panels under the JinkoSolar brand, a global leader in the solar energy industry in more than 80 countries worldwide. The plant’s operating system is optimized according to the best standards of the US and Japan, contributing to maximum exploitation efficiency and making My Son 1&2 as one of the factories with average output and the highest annual output in the region.

Compared to other power plants in the area, My Son is located in a higher position with surrounding greenery, which helps reduce dust for the plant and significantly reduces heat during operation.
In order to maximize the operating capacity, the investor regularly organizes periodic inspections of the equipment and the surface of the panels and periodically cleans the panels, minimizing problems in operating by maintaining a strict maintenance schedule. During its operation, My Son Solar Power Plant always aims to contribute to the local community through its program, which includes building roads and installing lighting systems for neighboring residents and donations to the local COVID fund for the safety of the community.

In the past period, the government has reaffirmed its determination to make energy as the main pillar of the roadmap to net zero emissions by 2050. With this commitment, energy projects in Vietnam will almost certainly receive more government support, demonstrating the government’s determination to attract FDI into the renewable energy sector. My Son Solar Power Plant has put BB Group on the right track of green and clean growth and will continue to be one of the group’s development drivers in the coming years.