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Tra O Lagoon solar power plant was built in My Phu Bac Hamlet, My Loi Commune, Phu My District, Binh Dinh Province.
The plant began construction in June 2020 on an area of approximately 60.6 ha on Tra O Lagoon (including 60 ha of water surface and 0.6 ha of ground) and went into commercial operation on December 23, 2020. Until of 2021, the Tra O Lagoon Plant is considered one of the largest solar power plants in Lagoon in Southeast Asia.

60 Ha

Land area

50 MWp

Total capacity

65 million kWh

Average annual production

The history and development

Dam Tra O Lagoon Factory is being operated by Vietnam Renewable Energy Company (100% owned by BB Group and related companies).

Located in Phu My district, Binh Dinh province, on a coastal plain with beautiful natural scenery, Tra O Lagoon is about 70 km northeast of Quy Nhon city and easily accessible by road along National Highway 1A or the DT640 coastal road. With another name of Bau Bang Lagoon, which used to be a bay of water pouring into the sea but now no longer shares the same rhythm of tidal but still in the middle of a large field as if there is no shore, Tra O Lagoon is both a beautiful place and famous tourist destination in Binh Dinh, which is also a potential aquaculture place.

After operation, the plant makes a great contribution to supporting local society (VND 1 billion per year during the life of the project) and supports the construction of a 2 km electric line lighting system for My Phu Bac village. In the future, Tra O Lagoon Plant plans to release fish every year to improve the environment, ecosystem, and aquatic resources for the lagoon as well as create more jobs for people who live by fishing around the lagoon.

Tra O Lagoon Factory is an attractive project because it takes advantage of the high radiation of the sunny season in Binh Dinh and the coolness of the lake water to increase the efficiency of using solar panels. The presence of the Tra O Lagoon factory creates a vivid highlight for the quiet and unspoiled beauty inherent in Tra O Lagoon. This is a great combination between industrial production, increasing tourism value, maintaining natural ecosystems, and contributing to increasing livelihoods from aquatic resources for neighboring people.